Why we took a knee

Jayden Bunting-Rolston (age 17)

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As a young black male with everything that is going on, I am joined in solidarity. What is happening is not just because of what happened in America, the killing of black men happens in the UK, it is happening everywhere. 

It is sad to think that people are still so narrow-minded and small-minded. It’s sad that people are so racist that because someone is a different skin colour they think that we are not as good as them or that we can’t do and achieve the things that they do. That sort of thinking should not happen, we are all human. 

Seeing an unarmed black man being killed, murdered for nothing made me angry. He was unarmed, he allegedly forged cheques, and it’s alleged because we really don’t know if he did it. He probably didn’t, but even if he did, he should not have lost his life. Prison time is there as punishment and that’s fair enough but someone losing their life over something as small as a forged cheque is sad. That hurts me, because to me that’s my people. How many years have we as black people been going through this? How long have we been thinking that as soon as we get some where we get pushed right back down to the bottom again. It hurts me, it hurts me to even think and speak about it.

There are numerous people trying to justify it. Some people were saying that if he didn’t break the law he would not have gotten killed. But he got killed in cold blood. That can never be right.

This hurts, my siblings are also hurt! My 7 year old sister said that she feels angry about George Floyd being killed. She said that she is angry because “they killed him for no reason just for being black”, she says that she wants them to stop because it’s unfair because they don’t do that to white people.

My younger brother said “It’s disgusting! Killing people because of their race when there are white people doing school shootings and killing innocent kids and those killers do not get the same treatment. He said that “George Floyd was a black man and he was killed for a small offence, and even if he did do fraud he should have been punished according to the level of the crime, not killed”. I agree with my siblings. They need to stop killing black people.

According to my brother “Governments need to change things. They need to put in laws and systems to stop the unnecessary killing. Police must not kill at all. They must stop using race to kill people. Stop hurting people and stop using unnecessary violence. The police need to be taught to use their voice, and use other less lethal ways to apprehend criminals because that level of violence that causes a man to die is never necessary”.

My siblings and I feel very strongly about issues that affect black people, and that is why we took a knee.

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