We believe in Engaging with and Valuing all Abilities based upon on moral, human rights and social justice principles. .

Bearing in mind that every challenge is different but not unique, we can offer an insight to help you make the break through you have been looking for. We will provide the fresh independent pair of eyes to look objectively at your current challenges and work with you to develop and implement the tools to achieve your desired results.

What makes us different?

At Efficacy E.V.A. we understand that people are not just their age, disability, gender, economic status, health status, marital  status, nationality, race, religion or sexuality. We also understand the importance of:

  • Physical security – freedom from violence and physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • Health – well-being in body and mind and access to high quality health care
  • Education – being able to be creative, to acquire skills and/or qualifications and having access to training and lifelong learning.
  • Standard of living – being able to live the life one desires
  • Participation, influence and voice – contributing to decision-making and democratic life
  • Identity, expression and self-respect

Engaging with and Valuing all Abilities