Growing up in a White Neighbourhood

Jayden Bunting-Rolston

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As a young black individual living in a predominantly white neighbourhood it comes with pros and cons. For a teenager it can get boring at times as there aren’t many places to go but if you have your friends with you it really isn’t that bad.

Sometimes I feel like I am seen as a minority. That is because of stereotyping due to my race because where I live there aren’t as many black people as there are white people. There are times when I walk down the road on my own and older white people in their 40s, 50s and 60s think that I’m intimidating, but the older ones in the 70s and 80s don’t seem to care. Why are people so judgemental? 

Sometimes I will open the doors for people and they will not say thank you, but when my white mates do it they get a thank you. I know that some of the negative reactions to me are because I’m young and not always because of my race, but there are times when I know it is definitely because of that. Why are they being so judgemental?

Because of stereotyping people assume that I am a bad youth – they judge me by the way I walk, the way I talk and the clothes that I wear, but if they speak to me they will realise that I’m not a bad youth. I am not bad. I know that there are people who assume because I am black and wearing a tracksuit that I am not intelligent but that annoys me because I am educated, kind, and caring. 

I am a lanky black kid over 6’ tall so they say that they find me intimidating especially the middle-class people around here. Why are they so judgemental? They can ask me things if they don’t know, and stop being ignorant. I had an incident when a white kid was teasing me saying that I was Nigerian, when I told him that not every black person is from Africa he threw a banana at me.

It’s not all bad, there are also many positives to living in my neighbourhood for example it is relatively crime free and I believe that it is a safe place to be brought up in. It is also visually very clean it is a nice place to be and it is closer to the countryside than the city.

Overall in my opinion living in my neighbourhood has its advantages and disadvantages but it is generally a good place to be even though there is mild racism.

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One thought on “Growing up in a White Neighbourhood”

  1. Good for him! Objective and balanced. It’s nice for black youngers to start expressing their lived experiences.

    More people please.


    Yvonne Christie x

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