Black Women’s Wellbeing

Black women belong to two underrepresented minority groups and the political, environmental and social landscape adversely and disproportionately affects their physical, mental and emotional state of being; yet there is inadequate evidence based interventions that holistically promotes their optimum health and wellness. Not only do they struggle to get access to quality health care, but little research is undertaken and acknowledgement given to some of the basics of the black female physicality. e.g., the unique experiences of the menopause are under researched, there are insufficient specific support groups, and medical professionals treating the symptoms too often ignore cultural sensitivities.

Often, disenfranchised Black women are rendered socio-culturally invisible by the state, so the Our Conversation group of intergenerational black women set out to mobilise and unify a wider community of like-minded women to leverage their collective voices and power, and take leadership/ownership for addressing the issues that affect their mental and physical health outcomes.

Through the strengthening and unification of voices Our Conversation are tackling some of the most pressing gender and ethnicity focussed inequalities. It also provide a platform to enable younger generations of black females to share their lived experiences, and acquire knowledge from the traditions, time-tested learnings, observations and refinements of older generations.

The strategic intervention of this project with its reassertion of rights, normalising of black women’s experiences, and development of healthy sustainable lifestyle choices, provides an opportunity to reduce stress; learn resilience; and take ownership and responsibility for influencing mainstream policy and strategies.

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