Efficacy E.V.A. is an international Community Interest consultancy and training company that helps individuals, civil society organisations, governments and businesses by providing innovative solutions to address complex social challenges through sharing, developing, transferring knowledge and co-creating innovative practices.

We design and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships social and public health issues such as mental health, disability, and diversity.  We also offer coaching and mentoring services.

EfficacyEVA is a partner of JouyayFest – an intergenerational collective of artistes, practitioners and educators who are focussed on bringing together, showcasing and exposing creative talents of the African/Caribbean Diaspora.

Our VISION is to inform, empower and impact communities through social innovation.

Our core VALUES include:

  • Engaging with and Valuing all Abilities
  • Valuing Diversity and Respecting the Dignity of All
  • Promoting Social Inclusion

Our underpinning value is that of respect for human dignity and equal life chances for all, based on moral, human rights and social justice principles.

Engaging with and Valuing all Abilities